The mere mention of hospitals makes many cringe with memories of pain and anguish. Add drama to it however and hospital dramas can be very interesting to watch. I guess we are kinda sadists in that way and seeing the pain of others is a good source of entertainment. When it comes to how our bodies function and malfunction, we are hooked and once you get hooked, you don’t want to miss an episode and Tumaini Senta looks to be one of those TV series I know I’ll be running home to catch.

Tumaini senta premiered on 9th July on KTN at 7:30pm to really good reviews.

Tabu who comes from an affluent background is newly graduated doctor from abroad. She returns back to the country and decides to give back to the society and together with her long time college friend Zainab they set up a health center in one of Nairobi’s most notorious slums, but things don’t go exactly as planned. As it turns out it soon dawns on them that the challenges in the ghetto are more than they can handle, drama unfolds as they grapple with alcohol, drug abuse, crime and total disregard of the law, which seems to be the order of the day.

Staring Nice Githinji  as  Dr Taabu , Veroniica Waceke  as Dr zainab  and Elly young Omukubi as Sniper, the medical drama show Tumaini senta is set in the Nairobi ‘s notorious slum back ground , the show seeks to introduce us to the myriad  medical and social challenges faced in the ghettos.

Produced and directed by Kangethe Mungai, the show has no shortage of drama, intrigue and comedy but more so, reality checks.