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We have a fully equiped, dedicated and creative team to back our years of experience.

Market Analysis

Every production is like a business (in most cases, productions actually are businesses, formally incorporated and filed with the state.) Before you can hire anyone or secure assets, the first major check in your film pre production checklist is establishing a business foundation. Will the film be produced out of a pre-existing production company? Will you form a separate corporate entity for it (often an LLC)?

Niche Appraisal

With the production budget and production schedule revised to everyone’s satisfaction, the next phase of the filmmaking pre production process is to get out there and secure the things you need for your film. Department heads and your line producer / production manager get bids on equipment, book rentals, price out props and building supplies, etc.


We make sure we’re confident with our equipment before we start filming: we spend time practising on short films that don’t matter before we start serious filmmaking.

We always shoot a bit more than we need, but if you shoot hours of footage it’ll take you forever to sort through it to find the bits you want. For a one-minute drama film you might need to shoot between three and five minutes of video. Documentaries – where you can’t control what there is to film – will need much more than this.


For scenes with people talking or acting, you need to ‘top and tail’ your shots. Start the camera a few seconds before the action starts, and leave it running for a few seconds after it ends. If you’re working on your own, the best thing to do is to start the camera and check it’s recording, count slowly to five, and then give the actors a hand signal or shout ‘Action’. Then when they’ve finished, count another five seconds before you stop.

Post Production
Editing to final deliverables

To make a music video or a ‘digital story’ you’ll start with the soundtrack and then fit your shots to it. You can put ‘markers’ on the timeline to see where the cuts should go, either by pausing your film at each marker, or using a keyboard shortcut to insert them as the soundtrack is playing. If your editing software or app doesn’t have markers, you might be able to use the audio waveforms to help.


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