Who We Are

Kikwetu productions is a film production and Service Company based in Nairobi, where it offers various filming solutions such as Location Scouting, Cast Management and Production Assistance as a film agent for international film makers. We have been able to produce numerous movies, documentaries and TV series all of which have been recognized for local and international awards and have showcased in numerous platforms both locally and internationally.
For over five years Kikwetu production has constantly upgraded its quality to provide quaint essential services to our clients who include TV broadcasters, corporate bodies and non – governmental institutions.


Kikwetu really is unique; it’s reminiscent, albeit in microcosm, of the golden age of Riverwood films where creative drive, film output and production services could be found in one place and under one management.

Since it started, Kikwetu Productions has worked hard to earn it’s place as one of the most exciting and respected Kenyan production companies. Commissioners, writers and directors work with Kikwetu because we know how to support creative people and deliver visionary films and TV dramas.

Statement of Faith

Kikwetu productions is a Christian based media production and service company that has its foundation deeply rooted in the in the word of God (the Bible) we are strong believers of God through his son Jesus Christ and the holy spirit of God.


What can we do for you?